20yo looking for all sorts of fun

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Whether you're searching for a new job while continuing your education or exploring fields in the workforce, you likely have an idea of what you like to do and have given some thought about your future. Knowing the career options available to you as a year-old can help you choose a career that pays well and offers job satisfaction.

In this article, we share 30 occupations available for year-olds of all experience and education levels. Whether you have taken on higher education or vocational training or began working immediately out of high school, there are many opportunities that can give you a promising start on a career path. Here are some of the best jobs for year-olds:. Primary duties: Teaching assistants help prepare class materials, create lesson plans and monitor students' classroom behaviors.

Assistants may 20yo looking for all sorts of fun grade classwork and lead group projects and asments. Most positions will require a GED or high school diploma. Related: How to Become a Teaching Assistant. Primary duties: care provider prepares meals, calms children, plays games and provides a safe environment for those in their care. Primary duties: Caregivers prepare food, assist with house cleaning, help dress and group their adult patients and assist them with other basic needs including transportation.

Primary duties: Veterinary assistants perform a wide range of duties including dental cleaning, checking animals in and out, preparing medication and assisting veterinarians with examinations and surgeries. Depending on the employer and scope of responsibility, no formal training is required, though many prefer some experience or certification in veterinary assistance or tech programs. Related: How to Become a Vet Assistant. Primary duties: Tire technicians install and rotate tires, educate customers on the tires they need and the importance of proper maintenance and top off fluids.

Primary duties: Bank tellers provide customer service, process transactions and wire transfers, assist with safe deposit boxes and create new s. Some companies may require a GED or high school diploma. Primary duties: Housekeepers perform typical cleaning duties, such as vacuuming, sweeping, dusting and mopping. Housekeepers can work independently or in hotels, apartment buildings and offices. Primary duties: Bartenders mix drinks and serve items at the bar.

20yo looking for all sorts of fun

Some employers require bartenders to prepare and serve appetizers. Some states require employees to be age 21 and attend bartending school. Related: How to Become a Bartender. Primary duties: Flight attendants clean and prepare cabins for flights, stock beverage and snack carts, perform safety checks and assist passengers with their needs. A certificate of proficiency from the Federal Aviation Association is required for this job.

Related: How to Become a Flight Attendant. Primary duties: Administrative assistants process paperwork, answer phone calls, provide office assistance, greet customers, set appointments, arrange for meetings and operate computers. Many employers prefer a GED or high school diploma and some computer and office experience.

Primary duties: s payable clerks manage a company's expenditures, such as payroll, vendor charges, general fees and operational costs. They may also handle some s receivable, perform general bookkeeping duties and run reports and cost analyses. Primary duties: Preschool teachers educate young children on exploration, sensory activities, shape and sound recognition and help them learn s and the alphabet. They may also prep meals, provide time for naps and teach art and music sessions. Related: How to Become a Preschool Teacher. Primary duties: Legal assistants prepare court documents, track and organize case files, provide minutes, manage an attorney's calendar, interact with clients and distribute evidentiary documents.

They may also type letters to judges, transcribe recorded notes and correspondence and handle billing. Related: How to Become a Legal Assistant.

20yo looking for all sorts of fun

Primary duties: Human resources assistants help with interviews, filing job listings, recruitment, updating and maintaining an employee database and file management. Primary duties: IT support technicians provide computer and network repair and troubleshooting, train new users, upgrade and install software and set up new devices.

In addition to the degree, most employers require certification from networking or other IT professional programs. Primary duties: Marketing assistants produce ad copy, promote products and services on social media and create flyers or other marketing displays. Some assistants may conduct presentations, create marketing plans and complete general office duties.

Primary duties: Electrical technicians build and repair electrical components in appliances, machinery, satellites, security systems, radios and computers. Technicians are often responsible for performing installations and running diagnostics. Primary duties: Police officers patrol and perform traffic stops, question suspects, arrest offenders, mediate situations, help resolve problems and respond to emergencies. Officers are also required to interview witnesses and write detailed reports, and may act as witnesses in trials.

: How to Become a Police Officer. Primary duties: A radiological technician uses equipment such as CT Scans, MRIs and X-ray machines to photograph bones and other internal parts of the body and then report their findings to a physician for a diagnosis. Technicians also prepare patients for the scans, perform maintenance on the equipment and educate the patient on the process. Related: How to Become a Radiologist Technician. Primary duties: Dental hygienists clean and treat patients' teeth, educate patients on proper care and good cleaning habits, alert dentists to any issues and perform X-rays.

Hygienists also assist during cavity fillings, root canals and other procedures or oral surgeries. A state from the dental board is required. Related: How to Become a Dental Hygienist. Here are 10 jobs that require at least a bachelor's degree. Primary duties: Teachers provide a safe environment for students, create lesson plans, administer lessons, and provide assistance on asments when needed. Teachers also monitor students outside of the classroom and prepare students for state tests.

A teaching is required. Related: How to Become a Teacher. Primary duties: Journalists research information regarding trending or ased topics, interview witnesses and other interested parties and write reports and news articles. Journalists must adhere to strict deadlines and can work for magazines, radio stations, newspapers, online news sources or television. Related: How to Become a Journalist. Primary duties: Park rangers patrol deated areas to ensure safety and maintenance of the grounds, make sure park visitors are complying with rules and provide aide when needed. Related: How to Become a Park Ranger.

Primary duties: ants manage financial documents, including taxes, receipts, s payable and receivable and ensure other revenues and expenses are accurate and clear. Primary duties: Social workers provide counseling services, refer clients to resources and service providers and help patients examine outcomes and solutions.

Social workers can be found in schools, government agencies, nonprofit organizations and community service offices. Primary duties: Landscape architects de layouts, advise on plants and ornamental pieces, create plans for ro and paths and collaborate with other 20yo looking for all sorts of fun like surveyors, contractors and others.

Related: How to Become a Landscape Architect. Primary duties: Engineers use scientific and mathematical components to de buildings and machinery, test products and devices and create and analyze systems. Engineers typically fall into six different specialties: mechanical, chemical, civil, electrical, management and geotechnical. Primary duties: Junior software engineers work with a team including software engineers to de, develop, evaluate and maintain software applications. Proficiency in computer programming languages is necessary for this position.

Primary duties: IT security specialists de systems and establish protocols and rules to protect computers for individuals and business systems from hackers and data leaks. Primary duties: Loan officers help borrowers apply and qualify for loans by analyzing financial data, compile loan documents and advise borrowers on the loan products available. They may specialize in commercial, mortgage and personal lending. A is required for this profession. Find jobs.

20yo looking for all sorts of fun

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20yo looking for all sorts of fun

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