9mm polymer pistol

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Polymer frame pistols are slim and lightweight, even with double-stack magazines, and remarkably resistant to corrosion and harsh environmental conditions. Plus, they tend to have nifty modular des yes, aesthetics matter and are generally more affordable than their metal rivals cost also matters. This model also has an integrated Picatinny rail under the barrel, so you can mount your favorite pistol light or laser sight.

9mm polymer pistol

There are so many features and perks to recommend the IWI Masada—which is a good thing because we like being spoiled! Manufactured with fiberglass-reinforced polymers, the rugged IWI Masada was deed to withstand military use and comes highly recommended as a modern carry or duty firearm. The IWI Masada has front-slide serrations to improve racking, a low-profile barrel that reduces recoil, fully ambidextrous controls, a textured grip, and three interchangeable backstraps to fit hands of all sizes.

Our only complaint about the IWI Masada is that the trigger is middle-of-the-road in terms of quality and 9mm polymer pistol. IWI Masada 9mm Pistol. We became big fans of this poly pistol during testing, so sally forth and be prepared to fall in love! You know, in case you want that something extra. The CZ P C is about the same length as the Glock 19, but about a quarter-inch wider and five ounces heavier.

It also has the same round standard capacity as the G Many gun enthusiasts 9mm polymer pistol become fans of the CZ P C due to its unique dimensions, light palm swell, deep beavertail, and interchangeable backstraps—rejoice, you get three! These elements combine to create a compact firearm that is super comfortable to hold, even for those with larger hands who may need a more customized fit.

Most striker-fired pistols tend to fall short when it comes to trigger des, but not the CZ P C! It delivers a smooth pull, a clean break, and rebounds with an incredibly short reset, so you can make that follow-up shot with both style and ease. The trigger is within perfect reach, the generous trigger guard is undercut to provide a nice grip higher on the gun, and the controls are accessible without needing to adjust your grip.

It grips better, points more intuitively, shoots faster and more accurately, and is constructed with superior components, including the trigger, the ambidextrous slide stop be still my heartand the glow-in-the-dark 3-dot sights. Like the Masada, the CZ P C has serrations on the slide to help with racking, which is smooth and easy. Mind you, the grip texture is a little sharp, particularly for the sensitive of hand, so you may want to glove up or put a sleeve over it.

For instance, it has a 4. A few shooters have also reported that the slide catches a bit firmly. This might be a no-go for some people, but not others.

9mm polymer pistol

CZ PC Models. Still on the fence? For perspective, that puts it somewhere between a full-size and a compact pistol. This pistol has ambidextrous controls, but the paddle-style magazine release is a little high and may be difficult to manipulate without adjusting your grip. And speaking of magazines, the HK VP9 has a standard capacity of 17 rounds and comes with two mags. The VP9 is chambered for 9mm, but the VP40 variant is chambered for. This unusual bore shape serves two critical purposes: it increases bullet velocity and allows the barrel to stand up to wear and tear.

You can use the Picatinny rail under the barrel to mount lights, lasers, and so on. The slide is lined with deep serrations at the front and rear, as well as little polymer tabs on the sides to help with racking. Personally, we find it a little average, even for a striker-fired trigger. If you want a cleaner break, switch out that standard trigger with a reputable aftermarket option. After that minor fix, your HK VP9 will quickly become the darling of your collection.

This pistol is accurate, super reliable, and takes just about any ammo. Ready to 9mm polymer pistol party? In either scenario, a Polymer80 build may be the path for you. Polymer80, Inc. You are building a customized handgunso you need to stay compliant with local laws. When doing your research, keep an eye out for any regulations regarding the building and registering of firearms.

Fortunately, Polymer80 pistol builds are a practical, straightforward, and accessible starting point. The standard kit comes with a polymer frame grip, trigger guard, etc. 9mm polymer pistol it can be time-consuming, depending on your skill level. You may be wondering if the final product is worth your time and effort, or what makes a build superior to the standard Glock.

Polymer80 builds have pretty much all the benefits of a Glock, but are cheaper and have more comfortable frames. Plus, you can tailor it to your specific needs and preferences. You can buy the frame and slide assembly from Polymer80 or combine a Polymer80 frame with a different Glock slide assembly. But your first step is to choose the correct frame size. If you want to build a full-size Glock, aim for the FPv2. But if you want a compact model, like the Glock 19, get the FPVc1. The typical Polymer80 lower features a double undercut trigger guard, aggressive grip texture, extended beavertail, and a notable thumb edge.

These elements provide for enhanced ergonomics, improved recoil mitigation, and an ideal grip angle. Polymer80 Glock Frame Kit. We never get tired of extolling the virtues of the Sig Sauer P This 9mm subcompact poly pistol stole our hearts at SHOT Show and quickly became one of our favorite concealed carry weapons.

Facing a saturated market, the big brains at SIG Sauer knew they had to manufacture a pistol that proved to be an exception to this rule.

9mm polymer pistol

The grip is well-textured, the controls are easy to reach, the palm swell ensures a comfortable fit, and the trigger guard is undercut to give you a better and higher hold on the grip. And the trigger? This little pistol has one of the best triggers among all the subcompacts in its class.

The front sight has a high visibility ring around a tritium vial, while the rear sights are blacked-out aside from the tritium vials on the right and left sides. The Sig 9mm polymer pistol P comes with a round magazine and two round magazines: one features a pinky extension while the other fits flush to the mag well.

This is good news for two reasons. Not only do you get three excellent magazines, but you can also use round mag or the round with the pinky extension to further elongate the grip. Sig Sauer P This hands-on review explains why this itty-bity poly pistol is the CCW champion. But it was such a strong start that the US Army quickly adopted a modified version of this model called the Sig Sauer M Which finally brings us to the Sig Sauer PM17a civilian-legal iteration of the M17 that keeps most of the spiffy military modifications.

Because the optic cut reflects the MHS contract, some red dots are incompatible with this pistol.

9mm polymer pistol

The Sig Sauer PM17 has a modular frame with three different grip sizes. Magazines load and unload into the pistol super smoothly. It comes with two round magazines, but they may take some breaking in before you can get that last round in. Sig Sauer M All in all, these are six high-quality firearms that are known for being accurate, reliable, and easy to maintain 9mm polymer pistol operate. Polymer frame pistols have become quite popular since the Glock 17 hits US shores in Are you a member of the Glock club or do you prefer something else?

Have questions about any of the poly pistols we discussed here? Let us know in the comments. Check out our other pistol reviews to explore the world of handguns. Notify me of follow-up comments by. Notify me of new posts by. Glock is worried. Colt has been purchased by CZ and who knows in what direction that will go? A lightweight, compact, easy to shoot and operate 10mm handgun for EDC is coming.

Polymer framed, scandium slide pistol with a new recoil absorbing operating system. Browning's recoil operating system has served well, it's time to move beyond it's inherent limitations. A short recoil, gas operated system will better manage 10mm recoil.

9mm polymer pistol

Forget about Desert Eagle gas operation, that is to complex, heavy, and bulky. I have a proprietary operating system that will expand the 10mm market further across the spectrum of shooters. Hunters, competition shooters, everyday carry, law enforcement, military; all these markets will have a viable choice in 10mm.

9mm polymer pistol

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