Cheap painting services

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Read on, and learn about their prices, services, and job scope — to find a painting service that best suits your needs. If you are looking for an experienced painting service to give your house a whole new look, PS Painting Service Singapore with year experience under their belt is a reliable company to check out.

Their well-trained team of Singaporean and Malaysian workers work hard to meet any deadline, be it on weekdays or weekends. Here is a breakdown of the services they perform. With a plethora of positive reviews, Reliable Painting has established a solid network of loyal clientele over the past decade. Using the best quality paint, combined with trained professionals, every paint job will be completed flawlessly. Enquire for an exact quote. Below is a price guide:. Nippon Paint Professional Painting Service is long in business, more than years.

The businesses' painters have a Cheap painting services of experience in their hands, which they demonstrate every step of the way. Thanks to exceptional service, Nippon Paint keeps old customers while continuously acquiring new ones.

Painting Service Singapore is a commercial and residential painting company, specializing in high-quality workmanship across both interior and exterior painting. The company paints both private property and HDB properties. Painter Cube is a comprehensive painting and wall-care service. Not only do they offer painting for HDB homes, condos, landed property, and commercial property; they also offer wall and ceiling repair services, waterproofing services, wall mural art services, and wallpapering services, making them a one-stop-shop for just about all of your wall-related needs.

Below is a list of services offered, as well as rough pricing where applicable.

Cheap painting services

: sales paintercube. See a list of services below:. : homecare iso-team. Colour Creative Painting Service is a well-established painting service in Singapore, with over 20 years of experience, and a sizeable pool of knowledgeable painting contractors who have been in the business for years, and are familiar with every aspect of house painting. Since starting their business some 15 years ago, Venue Painting has come to specialize in various painting services.

Whether you need an interior decoration, exterior refurbishment, or something else, you may confide in their service. Moreover, Venue Painting's painters are glad to advise you about the color selection and more, and everything for a competitive price. Coozy Painting Services has been dedicated to providing great painting services sinceand is known for a consistent, honest business model, and for advertising mostly through word-of-mouth marketing.

Cheap painting services

They focus on interior residential painting, and unique painting offerings like metal gates and doors. Job Scope: Coozy Painting focuses on interior painting services, including the painting of accessories and objects often not painted by other service providers. Due to their business model, each home will cost a different price to paint — quote upon appointment.

: coozypainting yahoo. Best Local Services. Featured Businesses. Being in the industry for many years, he and his team of all Singaporean painters have tons of experience under their belt to take care of any of your painting needs.

Speedy and honest quotation: After a free site visit and advice to guide your decision, Alvin will immediately provide a fair price before beginning any task, depending on the job scope and your specific requirements.

Cheap painting services

Not limited to painting: The professional painters also specialize in dismantling built-in furniture, floor polishing, parquet varnishing, and handyman work as needed by the client. PS Painting Service Singapore. Reasonable and competitive prices: PS Painting Service Singapore is among the service providers that offer good prices for all types of projects.

Usage of quality products : Nippon and other recommended brands are often used in the painting projects done by this company. If you have your own preferred brand, just let them know, their experienced team is more than happy to assist your needs. Free touch-up : Some painting colors need a touch-up to perfect their look and increase Cheap painting services durability.

PS Painting Service Singapore knows this well so they offer free touch-ups for the projects when it is necessary. Reliable Painting Image: Reliable Painting. No matter how big or small the task is at hand, Reliable Painting will always accommodate to fit your requirements.

Providing add-on paint services for peace-of-mind: Is your building prone to mould infestation? At an added price, Reliable Painting can add a quality Nippon Anti-Mould coat to ensure that your ceilings remain hygienic and mould-free.

Cheap painting services

Specialized painting services : Nippon Paint Painting Service offers complete interior and exterior painting assistance. You can leave it to their professional painters! Great colors for any budget and need : Choose among four paint color types depending on your needs. To move in quickly, you have a choice of odor-less packages.

Up to 5 years of warranty : For interior coating with specific paints, the house grants a month warranty. For exterior painting, the guarantee extends to 60 months. Free on-site quotation: They provide rough quotes for most types of work on their website, but their specialists are happy to visit your property or home to get an idea of the costs that will be required for the job — free of charge.

High-quality painting products: The company uses Nippon Paint and Dulux for most jobs — both brands are very famous for their high-quality, Cheap painting services products that provide long-lasting, beautiful colors. Total satisfaction guarantee: They take customer loyalty and satisfaction very seriously — if you ever have a problem with their service or an issue with job performance, their team will try their very best to resolve your issue and leave you a satisfied customer.

Cheap painting services

Painter Cube Image: Painter Cube. Free touch-ups: For up to a year after your initial paint project, Painter Cube is available for free touch-ups in areas that may have suffered wear or tear, ensuring a thorough, beautiful paint job. Wall repair services offered during painting: Other companies have you work through home repair specialists before painting walls if there Cheap painting services a damage — but Painter Cube can recommend and implement wall repair solutions for a comprehensive wall painting experience.

This makes them a very convenient choice. Excellent service: Your home care professionals will help you understand every part of the painting process through great communication, including pre-painting site inspections, preparation and precautionary measures to protect furniture, and post-painting warranties. ISOHomeCare offers two-tone painting at no extra charge — simply specify with your consultant when making an appointment. Chance to choose your own paint quality: While many people prefer only top-notch paints like Nippon Paint, you can also choose from more bargain-priced offerings, which is great if you are on a strict budget but still want to add some new color to your living space.

Lots of experience: Colour Creative Painting Service has been in business for a long time, and their painting contractors are very experienced with every kind of painting job — no matter how big, or how small. Venue Painting Image: Venue Painting. Customer satisfaction is the greatest asset of Venue Painting. Their employees respond quickly and provide free final touches when the circumstances are right. A wide range of bonus services allows you to renovate your personal or professional space by visiting a single provider.

Venue Painting also offers carpentry, flooring, plumbing, Cheap painting services reinstating works. That way, you get an all-in-one solution for your home or office. A hour hotline lets you reach them when the need arises regardless of the time of the day. Specialized wall painting options: Coozy Painting Services can provide uniquely textured wall paints, including spray texture coating for a sandy, stony effect, as well as effect painting using specialized brushes, sponges, and rags for unique paint jobs that are quite a bit more interesting than plain-colored walls.

Pipe painting services: Rusty or off-color pipes making your bathroom look less-than-pleasing? Coozy Painting Services can paint them with the appropriate metal-compatible paint to have them looking great, and matching the rest of your interior paint. Frequently Asked Questions about Singapore. Can foreigners get married in Singapore? Can foreigners get driving in Singapore? Where can I buy duty-free products in Singapore?

Cheap painting services

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