Chicago adult theaters

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Tuesday, November 23, Flash Report! As things slowly return to a new normal, some of the legendary girls from this thing of ours are returning with a new energy, and with a new crew. This is the case of my good friend Pennycumslut! Penny and a few friends hit the newly refurbished Airport Video in Everett, WA, and Chicago adult theaters has a take or two to tell.

Buckle up, pop open a Fresca Hi Gemini! Hi Doc, It's been a while. In the Covid-times and with everything going on Recently, during a little trip to Seattle I decided to have a little walk down memory lane and low-key see how the scene had changed On a random Thursday night, I popped into one of my favorite places Airport Video in Everett, WA.

When I last visited it had been under renovations and the hallway lined with plastic leading to a dark room was actually kinda hot. Airport Video Everett, WA. Of course now, the renovations are done. I walked in with my girlfriend - a curvy, gorgeous girl who is almost as dirty as I am and who's had some limited theater experience in the past - and a male friend who'd never been to a theater before at all.

Chicago adult theaters

It was about 10pm when we pulled up and the parking lot was fairly busy. Lots of activity outside; "car lurkers". Since the renovations, the retail space when you step in is a large, open room. It's clean and bright and there's a little lounge area in the far corner We checked in at the front counter and were given the go ahead to check out the booths and invited to check out the theater with no admission.

The entrance to both the arcade and the theater are directly beside the retail counter; the booths are in two long rows and many of them have gloryholes in the middle. We walked around the entire bank but didn't step into any; a group of guys keeping an eye on us. We quickly decided to check out the theater. In advance we had agreed not to get up to anything but just to get a sense of the space and introduce him to what a theater was like.

Once we walked through the doors we peeked into the "gay" side and saw a couple of humans enjoying one another before stepping back to the "straight" side. APV - as part of their renovations or new management or whatever it is - has added a roped off "couples" area at the back of the room with two padded benches.

Beyond the rope there's the nostalgic plastic lawn chairs and the scent of disinfectant. I won't lie Although we'd decided in advance not to play with strangers this visit, we set my girlfriend up to put on a little show. About 5 guys were in the room and once we sat down all eyes were on us. Once she opened her legs and started touching herself, the chairs scraped closer We only hung around for maybe twenty minutes, but our male friend got a taste for having his dick sucked in public, and everyone Chicago adult theaters at least a peek at my business when I got down on the floor to play with her too.

She's a squirter so we left quite the mess. All in all, as a quick reintroduction to the theater scene and specifically APV in Everett it was a sexy night. So sexy that we chose to do an encore a couple of nights later. This time it was two slutty girls sliding into an arcade booth and wishing it had two gloryholes!

We got to play with one another, turn the porn up real loud, and indulge in a little bit of sucking and sharing The crowd in the hallway got big enough that the attendant came to clear them from simply loitering. When we'd gone through our dollar bills, we decided to check out the theater and put on another Chicago adult theaters show; this time we were asked to pay for admission with our male escort. My girlfriend was told to strip and use a cordless Hitachi on herself, and there were some very loud orgasms before she tapped out My two visits definitely rekindled my desire to pop in and play the way I usually do I continued down memory lane the next day elsewhere in the Seattle area Ed, Note: I have a strong idea of where this might be!

Doc here once again Many, many thanks to the smoking hot Pennycumslut for another great report, and the naughty pics above! Also, make sure you Follow Pennycumslut on her social media! She's a great Follow! LizardoJournal on Twitter. Posted by Dr. Party Room in Chicago! Last One until February !

Chicago adult theaters

This summary is not available. Tuesday, November 2, Couple's Flash Report! A Legend Returns! It's been a wild last few weeks for your old friend in the white suit and aviators. Hosting 3 separate Halloween parties in consecutive weeks in Chicago has been exhausting, but with a week off before the next one, it's time to give back to you, the good readers of The Journal.

There is no one I am more pleased about returning to the front of The Journal than my good friend, the incredible Hawaiian Eyeful! This legendary lady of this thing of ours has returned, and has blessed us with a treasure trove of pics and videos to satisfy your eyeballs, as well as your pants. As detailed below, Ms. Hawaiian Eyeful and Mr. So kids, pop open a Fresca, sit back, and get ready for the return of the super sexy Hawaiian Eyeful!

However, at the present time, their doors are open 24 hours on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Sunday thru Wednesday, they are open from am to am. Hollywood Erotic Boutique is a full retail shop with 7 private rooms. The fees for using the rooms are as follows:. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? Since, we were catching an early flight out on Sunday morning, we decided to squeeze in a quick visit to Hollywood Erotic Boutique.

We were greeted by a very helpful worker who had just finished her regular shift and was pulling a double-shift to accommodate the evening crowd. Upon our arrival, we found out that one room was presently occupied. While conversing with the worker, two guys rented out another room. I, myself, bought a black lace lingerie set. This room was adjacent to an area, where if you left the door open, others could easily watch or participate. There was a couch along one side of the wall and chairs on the opposite side.

Hawaiian Eyeful HEB. There were two plastic chairs and a table with computer which had internet access and a computer screen for your viewing pleasure. Hoping to attract some company, we left the door open, while I changed into my lingerie. As I began to finger my clitoris, my juices began to flow. Even with Covid, I was prepared Chicago adult theaters enjoy myself even if it was only to entertain the men and women for Chicago adult theaters own sexual pleasure. Much to my disappointment, there were no participants or viewers ed. I imagine this was due to the fact, the night was still young, and in order to gain access upstairs, you needed to pay the fee.

Calling it a night, we headed back to our hotel room to finish off with a night cap. Could this be a the Hawaiian Eyeful is becoming active after being dormant for so long? Only time will tell. Hawaiian Eyeful May we always remember to enjoy this thing of ours!

Chicago adult theaters

The Hawaiian Eyeful. I'll give you a minute to compose yourselves and freshen up. Now you see why my good friend Hawaiian Eyeful is one of the legendary ladies of this thing of ours. And as great as she looks in these terrific pics and videos, she's even more stunning in person!

A little birdie has told me that more adult theater trips are on their way soon for HE, and I for one hope you have a chance to meet her and Mr. Hawaiian Eyeful. Friday, October 29, Breaking News! My good friend Piper the Gloryhole Princess is just such a girl! But in this case, instead of plopping down my coat for her, I am gathering intel for Piper for one of her next adult store visits!

Chicago adult theaters

She's had great experiences in the past there and wants to return Is it still good? The Good Doctor at emiliolizardo1 gmail. Thanks in advance, as we try to help a pretty girl out, in search of gloryhole adventures in SoCal! Lastly, please check out Piper's great site, www. Her content is fantastic! Party Room! Hosted by Doc! Friday, October 22, Flash Report!

Doc here, a man who some say used to perform parking lot inspections on University Avenue in San Diego in It's been a minute since we have had an update to what is happening at one of my past favorite adult theater haunts, the Jolar Cinema in San Diego. Over the past few years, it was a roller coaster of good and bad reports and anecdotal information Chicago adult theaters The Jolar. You old friend in the white suit and aviators has had many adventures there, and I was saddened by those not so great reports. Well my friends, as Bob Dylan says, the times they are a changin' Let me introduce you to first time contributor SoCal Jimmy.

Hey Doc. I've never written before, but things have changed in a big way at Jolar Cinema in San Diego, and I think the community needs to know. A few weeks ago, they shut down for a while to remodel the place. Prior to that, it had gotten pretty run down.

Now that it's reopened, things are completely different, and the action is vastly improved.

Chicago adult theaters

There are now two theater areas with separate entrances: the VIP Roomwith one large viewing area and 5 or 6 screens, and the Regular cinema, with two connected rooms, each having two screens. In the Regular Cinemaseating is okay, some metal and some upholstered airport style seats.

The porn is better than what they used to play.

Chicago adult theaters

It's clean, and since the whole place is more expensive than it used to be, there's not a problem anymore with derelicts just hanging out all day. In the VIP room, the improvement is really pretty amazing. Seating is leather couches, a bunch of cushy leather benches that can be moved around, and a few chairs.

Chicago adult theaters

Great selection of porn. They're doing a great job of keeping it clean. They have lower cost tickets that just get you into one or the other.

Chicago adult theaters

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