Healing hands wellness center

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Paul, MN Robert C. Slater DC is a compassionate and committed primary health care provider. Gentle and safe diversified spinal adjustments, backed up with an array of the highest level of orthopedic understanding, acupuncture and comprehensive nutritional support make this clinic an excellent source of chiropractic care. Schedule an Appointment. Robert C Slater, primary care chiropractic physician, has earned his public trust, authority, and respect to administer medically needed chiropractic with complete confidence.

He knows what spinal and therapy care you need by experience gained in serving thousands of people over the past 37 years. That safe and effective spinal and extremity care alleviates suffering from injury, as well as to promoting healing and wellness there can be no doubt.

You as an individual in seeking the best of care at his St. Paul clinic will be a valued part of this confident tradition of integrity and helpfulness. Dr Slater has achieved some of the high levels of education and accomplishment within his professional life. Dr Robert C Slater is also an ordained minister for the past 20 years, serving the public within his profession as a trusted counselor when needed.

Healing hands wellness center

In this regard, he is also there to help you and your loved one through the Four Celebrations of life: Birth, Puberty, Marriage and Death. Paul and Minneapolis as well surrounding suburbs. Robert C Slater, as a doctor of chiropractic, is a master healer who understands the art of creating wellness while scientifically managing acute or chronic spinal, arm or leg t misalignments.

For 37 years Dr. Slater has witnessed ificantly improved function and reduction in pain through chiropractic manipulative therapy in patients injured in motor vehicle accidents, work-related injuries or personal injury. These beneficial clinical apply not only to the spine but to all ts of the arms and legs. The most powerful yet most simple chiropractic technique for treatment of spinal injury and nerve roots, as well as the prevention of spinal degeneration, is careful and gentle adjustments to spinal segments that are not moving fully within their normal ranges of motion.

The immediate motivation to have chiropractic treatment, in this case, is to skillfully adjust the spine and or t so that all ligament and tendon pressures of the spine protect the disc between each segment from high stress or frank injury. A subluxated [locked in abnormal alignment] vertebral causes the following immediate spinal dysfunction: 1 increased para-spinal ligament tension, 2 inflammation of the intervertebral disc and 3 disruption of nerve impulses coming into the spine and going out from the same level as the abnormally moving spinal segment. Slater has kept abreast with the modernization and sophistication of spinal t adjusting techniques.

Not only does Dr. Slater hold a doctorate of chiropractic, but he is also nationally board certified as an orthopedic diplomate. I went in to Dr. Slaters office today for a dot health card he also hooked me up with an alignment leaving me feeling like a brand new man I highly recommend him. I was in and out in no time, got my dot physical and a readjustment at a great price I will send all of my employees here, thanks for the great service. Great service, affordable. One of the best doctors in the cities.

Healing hands wellness center recommend to get your spina adjustment and DOT exam there! Was very friendly and kind.

Healing hands wellness center

Treated very politely and respectfully. Would recommend to anyone needing their DOT certificate. We are committed to your privacy. Do not include confidential or private information regarding your health in this form. This form is for general questions or messages.

Saint Paul fibromyalgia relief by Dr. See how we can help you recover from fibromyalgia. Call us at for more information. Saint Paul natural carpal tunnel syndrome without surgery by Dr. Call our office today at for more information. Healing Hands Wellness Center. Call Your Chiropractor in St. Paul, MN Dr. Schedule an Appointment New Patient Special. Start Your Appointment Now. Back Pain Treatment. Neck Pain Treatment. DOT Examinations. Acupuncture Health Care.

Auto Injury Treatment. Sports Injury Treatment. Work Injury Treatment. Nutritional Services. Location Details. Address Concordia Ave St. Paul, MN Phone Mark Landon. A very gentle, kind and experienced doctor. Ninda Nkd. Thank you for doing a DOT physical last min on a Saturday.

Healing hands wellness center

Friendly and professional. Anna Kleinschrodt. I was in and out in no time, got my dot physical and a readjustment at a great price I will send all of my employees here, thanks for the great service gerard shelton. Bashier Elfergani. James Steele. Get in Touch. First Name. Last Name. Submit Thank you! Blog Latest Posts. Slater in Saint Paul can help you recover from disc herniation pain with chiropractic care.

Healing hands wellness center

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Healing hands wellness center

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