How to tell if a guy likes kissing you

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Last Updated on November 12, by Alexander Burgemeester. Have you ever wondered if a guy likes kissing you? Better yet, have you ever wanted to know how to tell if a guy likes kissing you? Kissing is an intimate moment shared between two people and this is especially true for a first kiss.

So figuring out if your kissing style is enjoyable to your guy is important. Not every kiss has to be fireworks, but you want to know if he enjoyed kissing you. So how do you know? These are a few s that a guy likes kissing you and keeping these in mind can help you on your next date.

So how do you tell if a guy likes kissing you? Can you just ask them? Or are there clear and subtle s he will display so you know without asking him that difficult question? Is your guy pulling you in closer as you kiss? Do you find that his hands are gently caressing your face or that he suddenly holds hands with you mid-kiss? All of these are great indicators that he is enjoying kissing you. Reading Suggestion: What does it mean when a Guy calls you Cute?

Another way to know if your guy likes kissing you is to pay attention to the amount of eye contact he is giving you. That means you have his full attention and he is loving every minute of it. Once you have his focus, pay attention to the size of his pupils. One of the easiest ways to tell that he likes kissing you is when he tells you directly!

He may even tell you exactly what he likes or how beautiful he finds you. Another subtle How to tell if a guy likes kissing you he likes kissing you is how close he stays to you. If your guy is inching closer towards you throughout the date, such as putting his arms around you, holding hands while walking, sitting closer to you, or pulling you into him, then you can bet he wants to kiss.

Pulling you in closer is a great way to ensure that he gets the opportunity to kiss you again. In science class, you may remember learning that many animals produce chemicals known as pheromones that induce arousal in the opposite sex. Have you noticed that his eyes are locked on your lips? This is important, because the first kiss can define the future of your relationship together. Oftentimes, your guy can be even more nervous than you!

Setting up the mood for a first kiss is crucial. After putting in all the time and effort, reaching the next level of intimacy will feel like a huge win to him. Good personal hygiene is essential to an amazing first kiss. After all, bad breath can quickly ruin the mood.

How to tell if a guy likes kissing you

He may just be worried about how he smells to you. If a guy has decided to make his move on you, then you can bet that he finds you attractive. One of the things that he might be thinking about is what to do with his hands. Should he grab you and pull you in closer or should he leave them at his sides? Both men and women have different styles and preferences when it comes to kissing. Some people prefer slow soft kisses while others enjoy lip biting and lots of tongue.

For starters, a kiss could mean a lot of different things depending on the guy and type of kiss. Some men are looking for a deep connection, while others are only looking to jump into bed. If his intentions seem unclear to you, then you may want to take note of how he treats you before and after the kiss.

How to tell if a guy likes kissing you

To help you figure it all out, here are some great indicators that can help you narrow down his intentions. The type of kiss that a man gives you can really define what you mean to him. It could be a friendly kiss only, such as a kiss on the cheek or a quick peck on the lips. However, some kisses can be both romantic and come off platonic, such as a forehead kiss.

So use this distinction with some discretion. For starters, a guy who is interested in getting into your pants will not always consider your comfort and boundaries. As a kiss can mean so much more than just a kiss. This goes especially for the first kiss. When your guy finally plants that kiss, know that he might be ready to finally create a stronger connection. Physically expressing your affection is just one of those ways that men often opt for. Kissing also helps kickstart intimacy in a romantic partnership.

How to tell if a guy likes kissing you

Sometimes a kiss is a way to feel good inside. Well, men also feel good after they kiss too! When a guy wants to kiss, it could be because he wants to feel warm inside and share a special moment together. Alexander Burgemeester. But then the same day when we said goodbye he hugged me for what felt like forever. He stroked my back and told me I smell nice. And then we kind of pulled out of the hug a little bit and looked at each other. I then went back to hugging but saw he thought I was going to kiss him.

So then I pulled back out and he kissed me. Does he want to be friends or does he want to date without putting labels on the relationship? It makes no sense to me!

How to tell if a guy likes kissing you

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How to tell if a guy likes kissing you

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