Massage envy puyallup happy ending

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Then cfs for another minute. Then it was all hand. After a couple minutes, she told me her hand is tired and I needed to finish myself off! The only wierd cool thing was durring hj, she put a finger in my chute. At first I was like wtf, then I thought it was kind of cool.

Overall, sux. Hey there, Long time viewer first time poster. Anyway just went to the Royana today. I needed a sure thing today. No rush and she was in no hurry, then again it was a sunday afternoon. Overall not a bad experience at the Royana. Went in, mamasan in "waiting room" and Jessica immediately takes me by hand and starts to lead me to room. I ask who else is working, and she speaks "Asian" to girl heading down hall, that girl, Ann, is also middle age, not petite type, so I stick with Jessica.

Massage envy puyallup happy ending

Jessica is chatty and speaks clear English. I ask about Lucky and she says she on vacation and "may" return. I tell her I had seen Lucky in Winter not true. I thought room fee would have been asked for, so I ask something like how much? She has me undress and leaves. She returns and keeps dress on and begins back massage. I have not had alot of massages, but used to get great oil massages from Escape and Relax in Victoria and also a good one from Caitlyn in Greenwood area.

This massage was no lotion, no oil, and from my point of view no talent. Oh forgot, before massage had not been offered shower, but she did wipe me down with cold cloth, carefully wiping the vital areas clean. After around 15 minutes of back, the flip. She had pulled her dress down and bottom of dress up and removed panties. Some sliding of soft large breasts, and offered for nibbling. Put a little oil on my little friend and applied some Russian. Not enough Massage envy puyallup happy ending, not sensuous for me but a bit painfull.

Put on a condom and started oral with her bare bottom off to the side of my head. Sometimes I shoot quickly and that was the story that day, so no FS. She acts disappointed for me, cleans me up. Being only 20 minutes or so, I ask for some more cuddling, but she claims she had another person waiting not true, I believe.

So again, no shower offer. Helps me dress and sends me on my way. No one else is in parking lot.

Massage envy puyallup happy ending

Even with more staying power, since money is dear to me, I think I would pass on a followup, unless I got an agreement to an hour and MSOG, if needed. Do you have a descrption? She was a small thing, probably late 30's to early 40's with a nice body and gave a great time! If she is the same person I can give a great recommendation! Massage envy puyallup happy ending was relatively short, shoulder length black hair, a cups, good trim, very petite overall, said she was relatively new to the lakewood area.

I have frequented Ginseng and the service is always good for an AMP. Obviously mostly middle aged Koreans. Always a general entry fee. Late 40's early 50's Korean worker with worse massage I have ever had and tip was 40 for cbj witch made up for the. Lately been going to the spa place just north of Ginseng it has discrete parking and always very friendly korean service. You have to ask for a table shower not just shower here to get the good table shower. It is. Workers late 30's early 40s scale 6 to 7's. This is definately the spot when I am in town I go to. I have yet to try the place next to the freeway right down the street.

LE was parked there once when I was gona stop by, so decided to hit my stand bye. Some time I need to head north to see whats to offer up there. Does anyone know how to get information relating to Vancuver, B. Top left corner is something called "Hot Links, All the forums" at the bottom of that box is the "International Sex Guide".

Good Luck. I've only been to the Royana so far. Anyone have any good info on the Ginseng or the other one by I-5 in ponders? They are all about the same. I like the one across from Ginseng because it has a table shower. Massage is best at ginseng though. It all depends what your up for.

Massage envy puyallup happy ending

Look at my post bellow for more specifics. MiMi at the place next to the freeway is a good choice. Mentioned having seen Jessica and Lucky. She said they're not here. In room I told her I wanted full hour, table shower, and to cum twice. I offered the cash and repeated what I wanted and mentioned past unhappiness with short time with Jessica.

She said okay. Nice body wash sitting on stool in shower. She kept clothes on during that time. Back in room I told her to disrobe which she did and she moved to no massage and straight to CBJ and then to the mission. I finished quickly as I feared and after cleanup she started massage on back. Massage seemed mostly pushing on various body parts. One the worst massages I have received. After flip and about 40 minutes in, she was done.

I said we agreed to two shots and she said "no baby" only one. I repeated had agreed so she reluctantly started a vigorous, disinterested, and unappealing HJ with fake vocal encouragement. After a bit and feeling she might pull it off, I told her stop and I got dressed and left. About 50 minutes after beginning. I had not really seen Lucky and the two visits with her and Jessica had the two worst massages ever.

This is a late report- several weeks old.

Massage envy puyallup happy ending

Man diet. That is rough. Seems to me that the girls can be really moody. Or it just depends on how pissy the mamasan is. I recently went and tried the one on South Tacoma Way. And think I realized a fact. In there they don't have doors separating the rooms.

Massage envy puyallup happy ending

Only cloth. Seems like No Doors. No FS. Are you talking about the royal? I haven't been there in a couple of years but back then they did have doors and a a table shower and had a couple of ladies in succession that gave great FS. I know I posted about it back then but things do change Yup that's the one. Lots of be separating the rooms now.

Massage envy puyallup happy ending

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