Powder for 50 bmg

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As the name implies, this new generation Extreme extruded rifle propellant is a clean-burning powder deed expressly for the 50 caliber BMG cartridge. Tests have conclusively proven that H50BMG yields very low extreme spre in velocity and pressure. All this translates into small groups at extended ranges! Keep up-to-date on new products, trends and tips from the leader in reloading. A precision rifle enthusiast and owner of GA Precision, George likely needs little introduction.

After serving his country, George spent 20 years serving his community as a police officer. InGeorge opened GA Precision after apprenticing with three gunsmiths. Since opening GA Precision, George has been building some of the finest precision bolt guns and custom rifles.

An avid shooter and outdoorsman, George takes pride in the quality custom rifles that G. Precision is making and looks forward to the future of creating the best professional custom rifles on the market. Hailing from the Kansas City-area, Jaclyn is a rifle shooter specializing in precision rifle shooting.

After taking up competitive shooting inshe, won the Precision Rifle Series Production division in with her Savage Stealth. She has since entered the Open division and has competed all over the country at numerous national level events, including the PRS Powder for 50 bmg in In her free time, she shoots in NRL22 club matches around the Kansas City area, where she lives with her husband Shane and where she works as a pharmacist.

Powder for 50 bmg

Zach, a resident of McCook, Nebraska, started shooting trap and hunting when he was Soon, Zach was shooting skeet and fell in love with the sport. Through shooting, Zach has met many people in the shooting community. He volunteers as an alter sever at Mass on Sunday at church and is a member in the Civilian Airpatrol Program. They are impressed by the light recoil and how cheap it is compared to buying new AA shells for practice or matches. All of them are asking their parents for shotshell presses now.

Todd is a competitive shooter and firearms instructor. Todd is also a sought-after firearms instructor for military, law enforcement, and competitive shooters around the world. His proven expertise in firearm manipulation and shooting techniques has enhanced the skills of countless individuals and agencies. For over 25 years, he has worked in the firearms industry in product development, working and consulting with small arms manufacturing and related products.

Regina Milkovich has been the leading female in precision rifle shooting since she first picked up a rifle in In her off time, Regina writes for many publications in both print and digital mediums, trains other shooters, and mentors several up-and-coming female competitors in the precision rifle discipline. Although her family hobby was horse shows and barrel racing, her father introduced her to USPSA in high school. After starting a life and career in Tulsa, she pursued barrel racing until she found 3-Gun in Byshe sold her Powder for 50 bmg and all of her horses to focus on 3-Gun and the 2nd Amendment.

The game hooked me, but I fell in love with the people! She has a passion to introduce the shooting sports and showcase gun owners and the 2nd Amendment in a positive light.

Powder for 50 bmg

Inshe plans to lead a delegate of women to Capitol Hill in an effort to give legislators a face to put with gun owners. Dianna currently competes in the role of Captain for Team Benelli. Ryan and Dianna continue to not only compete, but train and film all over the country. Brian Neace grew up in Southern Idaho in the Snake River Powder for 50 bmg, surrounded by miles and miles of high desert to the north and bordered on the south by public wilderness.

Growing up, Brian spent very little time indoors, with his passions being split between baseball and spending time in either the river, the desert, or the mountains. Baseball won over for a time when it took him to Gonzaga University on scholarship as a pitcher for the Bulldogs. Brian spent three years in Spokane as a Zag until his baseball career was cut short by a tragic plane accident that took the lives of his parents and younger sister.

Later, he started a granite countertop business allows him the time to pursue his passion for long-range shooting and high-country public land mule deer and elk hunting. The terrain in Southern Idaho often requires a hunter to be able to take shots at yards and well beyond. The desire to know, when, how, and if he should take these shots along with an unquenched thirst for competition, lead Brian to shoot precision rifle events. Just In the season, he will compete in twelve two-day national matches and 15 regional matches across the country, totaling 4, precision hand-loaded match rounds burning roughlygrains Doubling that will come close to including practice rounds spent at his one-of-a-kind shooting range he built on the edge of the Snake River Canyon.

Snake River PRS club has become his pride and joy with a dedication to growing the sport by recruiting and supporting new Powder for 50 bmg youth shooters. Growing up on a secluded farm in rural southeast Kansas, Ryan spent the greater part of his childhood in the woods, plinking and hunting. Working and enjoying the outdoors were just a normal part of day to day life. No part of the landscape, from pop cans to squirrels, was immune to a 10 round burst from a Ruger. After graduating college, Ryan moved to Tulsa, OK to take a position as a plastics engineer and in began Powder for 50 bmg 3-Gun competitively.

Ryan still has a passion for hunting, but 3-gun gives Ryan and wife Dianna the opportunity to travel together and compete with and against amazing people. As ofRyan and Dianna have become full time hunters and competitors, focusing most predominately on 3-Gun. InRyan and Dianna traveled to over 36 events across the world, including Italy and New Zealand. Each week the Schearer family will hunt with a variety of weapons from archery, muzzleloader and shotgun to centerfire rifles and will not only focus on the hunt, but will be filled with educational tips to make the viewers better sportsmen and sportswomen.

Sponsored by many of the hunting industries leading manufacturers, he has conducted over a thousand hunting and fishing seminars across the United States and has hunted and fished extensively around the world. In addition, she is also an outdoor writer and photographer, as well as a national seminar speaker.

He took his first turkey and mule deer at age 6 and his first bull elk at age 9. Walker loves waterfowl hunting with his black lab Pow. He harvested his first turkey and whitetail deer at age 5 and completed his turkey grand slam by age He also placed second in the World Elk Calling competition.

Phillip is a year Marine Corps veteran having served his whole career in the Scout Sniper community. InPhillip was nominated for Scout Sniper Instructor of the Year for his meticulous instruction that resulted in institutional changes in the training of Marine Scout Snipers in both formal schools and unit level training. Phillip is also well known as a nationally ranked precision rifle competitor in the Precision Rifle Series and National Rifle League circuits.

In just five years, he has earned an impressive shooting with consistent top finishes at national level events. Currently Jake has over 65 top three podium finishes in the last four years, another record! Jake travels the country shooting, directing precision rifle matches, and teaching precision rifle classes. He has also put together the first online Precision Rifle Training series of its kind, gaining viewers from all over the world on the JC Steel Targets website. A devoted husband and father, Jake has formal degrees in sports medicine and youth ministry.

An avid outdoorsman, he enjoys hunting and fishing with his family and mentoring youth through his ministry service. One is hard pressed to find a nicer person. Available in 1 lb. Data Print Data. Message Attached is your requested reloading data report in PDF format.

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Powder for 50 bmg

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Powder for 50 bmg

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