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Advertising on craigslist is a great way to get new clients fast. For a new handyman business owner, craigslist can be a very effective way to supplement your income while you work on more long term marketing methods such as building your websiteetc. The title of your craigslist ad is equally, if not more important than the ad itself. Can you get le with Services needed craigslist mediocre title? A lot of craigslisters will simply click on each ad starting at the top and just call each until they reach somebody. Regardless, having an attractive title that gets the attention of the customer will help ificantly and it only takes about 30 seconds of extra time.

As far as the wording goes, I try to stay away from getting too salesy, but try to make it interesting. The sole purpose of the craigslist ad is to get the customer to pick up the phone and call you. I recommend placing your name and phone at the top and the bottom of the post. Additionally, if you have a website if not you should build oneit usually makes sense to direct interested potential customers to it.

Services needed craigslist

It will make you look more professional and give the customer an opportunity to learn more Services needed craigslist your business. This will have a surprising impact on your. The people that seem to get the best with Craigslist share a little about themselves. Craigslisters are the type of customer that are usually looking for a really good deal.

However, this is the opposite of what you should do. Once they call me or visit my website, that is when the sale takes place. This is probably the most powerful tip on this and can have a huge impact on your ROI when advertising with Craigslist. Here is the format for posing that I use. I have one generic handyman ad that tells about my experience and lists the services that I offer. During slow times I update or re-post my listing every three days to keep it at the top of the list. If somebody is looking to have their door repaired and they pass an ad that says door repair, chances are pretty high they will click on it and call you since that is exactly what they are looking for.

Services needed craigslist

In the body of the ad you can go into detail about how much experience you have with door repair and why you would be the best person to call. I would recommend starting with at least two. One general handyman services ad, and at least one targeting a common service. Before you post any services on craigslist, I recommend you fully understand the laws about Services needed craigslist advertising.

Depending on whether or not you are a d contractor and which you carry, you may be limited in what you can advertise. I was actually cited for listing painting as one of my services on craigslist. I fought the citation and won, but it would have been far easier to just learn and understand the laws in advance.

Try to speak with an investigator if you can because they know the laws best. The tips you see above are from me trying several approaches to advertising on craigslist.

Services needed craigslist

I highly recommend you do the same. If you do, please share it in the comments! Great tip on the link tag, thanks. Great website-i found it very interesting. I found your website because I am always looking at other industries for marketing ideas. Great advice thank you! I recently got a call from a lady who lives I. She wanted it done before they came home from the hospital which was not possible. However I got right on it with little information about the extent Services needed craigslist the job I just jumped into it.

I had to remove and replace the tub drywall around the existing surround and repair ceiling drywall in the basement. Then texture and paint 4 different colors. I completed the job paying for materials myself and I told her I would bill her Should I ask for a down payment on larger jobs like that. Good question.

Services needed craigslist

That sounds like a pretty big project. I almost never ask for money upfront or a contract, but I also only do smaller jobs. Thank you for the story. I would definitely ask for a minimum of one third up front when it comes to jobs that have more expenses. I have also noticed over the years that most people pay their bills. If you have faith in them they will typically pay you what they owe. We collect payment right after the job though. Also, one of the thing I noticed is two just fill out the customer.

Services needed craigslist

If it seems weird you should probably not do it. If the customer is rude when you talk to them the first time on the phone I suggest not doing the job. Customers are asking us to help them and in return we require respect for the hard work we are offering and just because we are another human.

Great tips! Just started using CL, and hopefully will start getting some calls. Once again, thanks for the great tips! I am finding your site here very helpful and I wish to thank you for your help! I am sure I will have more questions for you in the near future. Keep up the great work! I read your tips for putting an ad on Craigslist and proceeded to try Fence Repair in the title. I already had a Handyman ad on the site.

Well not 20 minutes later the phone rings and the person needs his gate repaired! I was amazed. My husband stopped by the house to get a tool and I told about the ad and almost immediate response. His reply? It has really helped us tremendously. The next ad will have something he enjoys doing in the title. Thanks again Dan. Thanks a million for the advice on craigslist. I got a call within 20 min to repair a faucet the first time I posted. I get quite a few calls from people looking for work to be done cheap but enough good le to overshadow the bad ones. Just last week, I landed a client Services needed craigslist has 20 rental properties and is looking to expand to even more.

I never would have guessed it would work out this well. Thanks also for all the other great advice you pass along. Thanks again, Jeff. I currently in the process of setting up my website and I going to be using the craigslist tips in conjunction with my website. Thank you so much for the HTML tips. I always wondered how other companies where able to do this. Take care and much success to you! Thanks for reminding me to update the post, Stacie!

I enjoyed these tips about craigslist…. Thanks for sharing. Keep up the great work. Thanks for the good tips. I always try to emphasize my personality and people skills. Because after all, homeowners want someone they can feel comfortable hiring for jobs. Thanks again for the advice. Here is why I ask. To me a quote is more binding than an estimate.

So for me, I like to leave the door open just in case something is hidden from the original inspection. For example on a recent job I did, I was suppose to remove wallpaper from one wall, texture and paint. Upon removal of paper we found hidden mold and deteriorated drywall. Now the job just got bigger and more complicated.

I either charge by the hour or submit a firm quote. Otherwise, I provide a firm quote that I stick by. If there is anything additional required the quote will get adjusted appropriately after presenting the new problem to the customer. As you gain experience you will learn where the pitfalls lie with specific jobs and the hidden problems that might exist. I am always upfront with customers when doing jobs that unexpected problems might arise and that may change the cost of the job and that if that should happen I will consult with them before proceeding.

If the job is a larger one I will put a clause in the contract stipulating the potential for additional issues such rot to framing or mold ect. This is a term that can get you flagged and removed. Awesome info. I really appreciate your blogs. Over this pass year, I have gotten numerous jobs from Craigslist. I followed your suggestions and low and behold, they work!

I have also ed the Association of Certified Handyman Professionals. I was able to get the insurance they offered for half of the closest competitor. Thank you very much. Go to craiglist. Any advise on how to present it from my fellow handymen posting on here would be very much appreciated. Big D Services needed craigslist done for starting up this site and passing on all the useful tips your learning your marketing tips I found especially helpful. Have you read this blog post? Be sure you understand the laws in CA Services needed craigslist putting an ad up.

Instead, focus on the benefits of working with you. California is a very anti business state. The economy has been shrinking for years because of all the business regulations and taxes. Many corporations along with the movie industry have moved operations else where. I just got a call from someone from the next County over. He says to take down my on Craigslist as many items I have listed are required d. Well, almost everything is. This is Florida. I thought they had to catch you in the act of performing the job. According to him he can issue for advertising.

Bummed out. I needed that little money to make it. You say you are an und handyman. I thought having the went hand in hand with having any business.

Services needed craigslist

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