Sexual encounters 93021

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This is a true story about my wife and me. We have been married for twenty years and our lives are good and happy in those days. However, the last three years thing had changed. She had become very aggressive cool and avoiding me. She refused to have sex with me each time I approached her.

She even slept alone in another room. My life was very miserable and hopeless all these years. I love my wife very much and I do not like to use force with her. I just hope one day she will change her mind and let me fuck her again But I had already waited three long years. One day while I Sexual encounters 93021 having dinner, my friend asked me where my wife was and said I do not look good. I told him my life was very bad and told him my problem with my wife. He said this family case is very common and sometime it is very Sexual encounters 93021 to solve.

Some wives do not like sex when they getting older. However, I told him my wife is only My friend told me to see a Guru. Maybe he can help and he told me the Guru address. He said, he is happy to accompany me to see the guru and can call him anytime. One week after the dinner, I finally think of the Guru. I found the Guru address that my friend gave me and decided to see the Guru by myself, as it was not nice to let my friend know what was happening.

When I was in the Guru house, there were some people. I waited for my turn and I tell the Guru what I am here for. He understood me and told me not to worry as this happen to many families. He told me to bring my wife here to see him. He said he would help me if I can bring my wife. I told him that my wife might not like to come.

Sexual encounters 93021

He went to the altar with many deities, brought some items, and gave them to me. He told me to rub the oil and powder on my body and face and applied the wax on my lips when I am in my house. He said, my wife will sense the oil and the powder from my body and she will listen what you talk with the wax on your lips. The Guru told me to come in the evening as there were less people and he would have more time to meditate.

He told me to come tomorrow evening if possible. I asked him why he had so many gods in his altar. He explained that all these gods liked different things and they had their own favorites. People came here for different requirements. So one of these gods could help them, like my wife case he had to ask that sexy god to do the work. He pointed to an idol at the second row who does not wear any clothes. His name is … And he likes women. At that time, I saw a couple came to see the Guru and I told the Guru that I should bring my wife next evening.

When I reached my house, my wife was not at home. I quickly took a bath and applied the ointment and powder on my body and the wax to my lips. In the afternoon, my wife came back. As she entered the house, she scented a strange fragrance. She asked me what that good smell was. I told her it was an ointment for men. She said she liked the aroma. After sometime I asked her, could she come to my friend house tomorrow evening?

To my surprised, she without hesitation told me she could go, as she was free tomorrow. I was happy to hear that and I looked at her. She was OK at her normal self. I was happy that the Guru power was working. That night was the longest night I ever had waited. In the morning, I again applied the stuffs on my body with a little more on it. She seemed to enjoy Sexual encounters 93021 aroma and did not complain. Before we went to the Guru house, I Sexual encounters 93021 a bath and again rubbed the stuffs on my body.

It was seven pm when we arrived at the Guru house. His house was Sexual encounters 93021 quite with no visitors except the Guru and his two followers. As we entered the house, I told Guru that she is my wife. The Guru raised his right hand and aled her to come to him.

She looked straight at the Guru and walk to him. The Guru rested his right hand on my wife head and chattered his meditation. I was standing close and watched everything. I notice that sexy god was place especially on the middle of the altar this time. His eyes were looking at my wife and my wife was looking at him. Then the Guru uttered to her ear and I saw her nodded her head.

She then turned back and walked to the bedroom without saying a word. The Guru looked at me and told me to relax as everything was going fine. He commented that my wife was beautiful while he prepared for the ceremony. I saw him cover the other idols of god and goddess with a large piece of golden veil. He smiled and said to me the sexy god also needed privacy.

After ten minutes, I saw the two followers went to the bedroom where my wife was inside. Before I could ask the Guru what his followers were doing in my wife room, I saw them walked out from the bedroom and carried an armchair with my wife sitting in it. She was completely naked.

Sexual encounters 93021

As they came forward the altar, she appeared to be cheerful and looking relaxed at us. The men put the armchair down a distance from the sexy god and the Guru moved towards her. He touched her head again and asked her how she feels? My wife replied with a smile, said the first word since she was here that she was fine.

Sexual encounters 93021

The Guru begun chanting his meditation and occasionally his eyes were looking at her naked body while he sprinkled scented water on her breasts and genital. Every time before the Guru sprinkled water on her, he would pour the water on the sexy god, then taking that water from the crucible he rubbed it on my wife on the corresponding part. I could see her eyes has already started to glaze and she was looking at him with what I thought was shameless lust.

This lasted for a few minutes. He told my wife to get up and asked her to dance for the Master. My wife obeyed and started dancing stark naked in front the idol. She looked so gracefully. Her naked body was so beautiful which I had not seen for three years. She dance very well and she really enjoy herself in this moment.

Another thing surprise me was that she was not ashamed at all when I was looking at her and the presence of Sexual encounters 93021 other men.

Sexual encounters 93021

I never saw her being naked in our house in our twenty years of marriage. Even when she changed her clothing in our bedroom, she would face the wall when I was around. I could see her naked only when we make love. Today she was very different.

Sexual encounters 93021

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