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Photo added by Charlotte Lugmayr-Frantz. All graves with German inscription are added. There is a commemorative stone at the Cemetery - no names are listed at this stone. When you have questions or need help please contact me: [ protected] Visitors: Mr.

Rodney Waldes from Great Britain and Mr. Klein and Mr. Waldes Mr. David and Mrs. David Perry from Vienna is the nephew of Mrs. Ilana Izso. Please read the letter of Ilana Izso from Buch Mose, Kapitel 28 und 29 zu Priestern geweiht. Je nach Zeit und Kunst des Bildhauers haben sie unterschiedliche Formen. Buch Mose, Kapitel 3, Vers 5 zum Tempeldienst. Auf den Grabsteinen kann man somit sehen, dass es sich bei dem Bestatteten um einen Nachkommen aus dem Stamm Levi handelt. Praying hands Praying hands in the Jewish gravestone Detailed view of the praying hands They are in varied way On many gravestones two hands are to be seen which touch with the thumbs, the small finger and the ring finger of each hand held together and spread apart from the other fingers.

This picture stands for the blessing hands of men of the Aaron dynasty. Aaron and his sons are ordained to be priests in 2nd book Mose, chapter 28 and The 4th book Mose Numerichapter 6, verse tells how these hands should bless the people of Israel. To do this they step onto the stage in front of the holy Torah shrine, have their hands washed by the Levites and together they say the blessing.

In doing sothe Kohanim cover themselves completely with the Tallit in order not not to be distracted. From under the prayer coat the hands with spread fingers are held towards the community. The hands show that a Kohen, a descendant of the temple priests, is buried here. Pitcher and bowl A jewish gravestone with a pot You will often find a burette pictured on Jewish gravestones and sometimes a bowl in addition.

According to time and the skills of the sculptor they come in different forms. The pitcher and the bowl are icons for the descendants of the tribe of Levi. The Levites are the temple servants and, among other things, they wash the rabbi's hands before the blessing. They cast water out of the pitcher onto the rabbi's hands in the bowl underneath. In the 2nd book of Mose, chapter 28 and 29, God declared Aaron and his descendants to be priests and he ordered the descendants of Levi to the temple service in the 4th book of Mose, chapter 3, verse 5.

Speed dating linz shine bar the gravestones one can therefore see that the buried was a descendant of the Levi tribe.

Speed dating linz shine bar

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Speed dating linz shine bar

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Speed dating linz shine bar

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Speed dating linz shine bar

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Speed dating linz shine bar

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