The woman that knows p d Cedar Rapids Iowa

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The woman that knows p d Cedar Rapids Iowa

Adam S. When the mile started Curtis just kind of walked to where a bush was and just laid down on the ground and hung out. The gym teacher eventually got mad and Curtis got up and finished walking the mile, getting some 22 minute mile time. That all changed as Padgett got older, he said. According to StopBullying.

Many go on to suffer lifelong depression or commit suicide. Others go on to become even more violent bullies themselves, retaliating in a of ways. In 12 of 15 school shooting cases in the s, the shooters had a history of being bulliedthe Stop Bullying website reported. Erin — a freshman at Metro High School — lived with her father and stepmother, Jim and Carolyn Pospisil, and three siblings when she disappeared. Erin has a small scar above one eye and had red highlights in her hair at the time she disappeared.

She was last seen wearing a light-colored tank top and beige overall shorts. The family created the website Help Find and updates it regularly with hopes Erin will one day come home. Despite the cold and rainy weather, the event — the 10th since Erin disappeared — went forward as planned, though those in attendance took the balloons home to release at a later date.

Jim and Carolyn Pospisil told KWWL the gathering also honored other missing children, all of whom they hoped would one day safely return home. On April 14,Erin would have celebrated her 30th birthday. To celebrate the milestone birthday year, her family marked her absence by helping local students give back to those in need. There, the group helped repair buildings and outdoor facilities while being fully immersed in this near-Third World culture. The Pospisils hosted the public fundraiser from 1 to 4 p. Sunday, April 17, at The Quarter Barrela restaurant, microbrewery and quarter arcade located at 2nd Ave.

SE in Cedar Rapids. Read the original blog post about this event here. Learn more about how you can still help. It would seem Curtis Padgett has been ificantly slandered here…very one-sided.

The woman that knows p d Cedar Rapids Iowa

Surly Padgett was thoroughly investigated. Shame on this website for including that information is such a way. I agree with the comments in regards to the supposed friend Brit. So, it would be interesting to know her story. So, I would assume she would not be afraid of him. Also, I wonder if her brother had any concerns about him. There is a case in Alabama, where a missing woman, disappeared after her evening shift. Well, he committed suicide a few years ago. Also, his girl friend was arrested the girlfriend last October in connection with the disappearance, and most likely death.

I agree with anon. Did L. E investigate Curtis Padgett indepth? Like search his car for evidence of foul play towards Erin? What clothes was Curtis wearing at the time and did he have any scratches or cuts on him around that time? Did Brit ever come forward to confirm or deny such events took place? Did they actually have plans and either party backed out? I wish L. E would release more info, without jeopardizing the case. Who was the next person to see Padgett after he allegedly dropped Erin off?

What time was Padgett seen by this person? Under what circumstances? What was Padgett wearing? What was his demeanor? What had Padgett been wearing when Erin got into his truck? This is so sad, where is he now days?

Does anyone know? Last I heard he was living a little ways off of the bike trail near hy vee on Centerpoint road. In a tent. Wooded area. I happened to live through my ordeal, miraculously. May we ask what ordeal you went through with him? If not I would highly recommend it. Pattern of behavior could bring more to light the potential of whether or not he might have committed a crime.

Padgett was his next-door neighbor and one of last individuals to see Dennis alive. Just in case you happened to be wondering. A medical examiner or even a 3rd year medical student would be able to tell the difference between a caucasian individual from someone who clearly was not regardless of how much damage was done to the remains.

The woman that knows p d Cedar Rapids Iowa

The skull shape, jaw line and orbital sockets which are the openings with in the skull that hold the eyes in place alone will prove that. He has been questioned several times. The truth is, Padgett is the last known person to have seen Erin alive and there is no evidence to support his claim that she ever got into a black Cavalier. This in no way faults either the MPIC or media or others who reported the Cavalier connection; news media make every attempt to help solve these cases as quickly as possible by providing all known details about the case.

Those details are subsequently reported by other news agencies, and there are instances where years pass before the original source who may or may not eventually become a suspect in the case is ever questioned. Who can answer one simple question: Where was Erin last seen alive after leaving her home with Curtis Padgett? I no longer have access to Westlaw. I remember this…. Hoping her loved ones get answers soon. Excellent question, Liberty. Wendell A. Beets was sexually molesting and had been, for years one of his teen parishioners. Thank you in advance! Erin Pospisil.

Erin Pospisil age-progressed to age Courtesy photo. Curtis Padgett got bullied during his 7th and 8th grade middle school years, and as he got older would explode with anger if teachers or students upset him, said one former classmate. The Cedar Rapids Gazette, June 1, All rights reserved.

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The woman that knows p d Cedar Rapids Iowa

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