Ventura guitars for sale

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Thank you for writing this. I had purchased a Ventura guitar for my daughter from a local shop, now at 20 she is wanting me to sell it along with other instruments for her however I have been researching Ventura for days and could only find that independent dealers sell them. No value, no information. If you call a music store they pretty much say they have no value. I appreciate this as I know I purchased this from a music store and what I paid for it. It's definitely a real thing. You're welcome! If you are still looking for a value for that instrument I may be able to help.

What model is it? I have a Venture guitar also model V 11, made in Japan.

Ventura guitars for sale

Serialhas a good ring to it and is beautifully made. I have tried to get info on it however no luck as yet. I'm wondering if you can tell can help? My dad went to the local pawn shop and bought me a used Ventura Bruno 12 string '67 or '68 model. It was a 12 fret to body. I was only 10 yrs old and didn't know anything about serial s or models or anything else.

That guitar always and still is a piece of JUNK! First of all it was tuned down to D tuning. I didn't know it why but found out fast when I brought it up to normal tuning. The bridge started pulling off!! The action was terrible, the nut fell off, the string pegs would slide up and out, overall sound was thin. Throughout the years as I have played better acoustics, the Ventura Bruno 12 string will always be at the bottom of my list as total garbage. I have a Ventura V serial that I don't know anything about. Anybody know what year and such it is?? How do I find out Ventura guitars for sale much its worth?

My Dad found one in a local pan shop in Ventura V17 12 string. That guitar has the most beautiful voice I've ever heard! He gave it to my son for graduation in My son is a Texas country musician and plays several times per week. I wish I could convince him to use the Ventura more. I have a Ventura guitar that I purchased in or thereabouts. The label says under the Ventura name: Bruno, Model V There's a serialalso.

The sound is still very nice and was the reason I chose the guitar at the music store all those years ago.

Ventura guitars for sale

I'm curious to know its value. Although I'm unsure of the year of the other guitar in question. Thanks for checking on the price. I only thought about it recently after having the guitar for decades. I'm trying out the Snark tuner on it, and it beats using my ear. Maybe I'll pick up playing once again and redevelop my calluses.

Ventura guitars for sale

Check out reverb. It's a great price to price used guitars and related items! I have a Ventura Bruno c that I got in and it has just gotten better through the years. I would never sell it. I have a Ventura model V, Serial bought new in Bought new from a music store. I dont know if anyone monitors this anymore, but I'd love to know more about my Bruno D I have a Ventura v Im curious to know the value to see if got a good deal.

I purchased it second hand earlier this year. I believe it's only a few yrs old. If your guitar is a later model then I believe they list for about USD. Most importantly, do you like the instrument?

Ventura guitars for sale

Is it worth what you paid for it? Where would I look to find an independent dealer I have a Ventura hollowbody electric that I got when I was 8 50 now n I want to know what type of stings come factory on it or what would be the best brand to use I do not Ernie ball slinky I tried a set on my Epiphone Les Paul speacial 2.

I think this company is on the down-low due to lawsuits from namely Martin guitars. There are a lot of brands that aren't in the United States due to issues like this. They exist and exist well. Good quality, but name infringmentis a thing. If it sounds like your brand, you may have a case.

Ventura guitars for sale

I have no idea about litigation, but I did see one of the guitars listed on CL as a lawsuit era guitar. Great Article. I work at a shop in Oxford, MS. All of their guitars have an amazing feel and set up straight from the box. This has recently turne dinto my favorite guitar brand by a long shot. What's the name of the shop u work at thatsell these I have a Ventura hollowbody electric n looking to buy a new one n I had no idea they make accoustic please let me know. Great company. I bought a V about 5 years ago. Recently the bridge started to come up.

Took it by the shop I bought it from, he called Ventura and they said they would have a new one out in about a week! Its the only problem I've ever had with it. Sounds great, plays great. Thank you very much. Thanks for your information. I have a Ventura V, ser. I still have the original sales receipt. I am trying to find a value but can't find anything online.

Hoping Ventura guitars for sale can help!! Hi I have a V that my wife gave me on our first Christmas together in It's still in excellent condition and has barely been used because I never learned to play. Was just wondering what it's value might be. I also have a serial if that would help?

Looking at repairing the bride on a Ventura V12Blue cutaway. Looking at the Ventura logo on the hetock, it appears to be authentic. No manufacture on the tuning machines though it does have the electric pickup showing a Yabee eq and internal casing as eqr. Wanting to find out if fixing the bridge and saddle are worth it. Im forecasting a repair charge between 50 to 75 u. Any thoughts? I'm looking for a date of manufacture and possible value the date is more important. I was given this guitar as a keepsake.

Ventura guitars for sale

I want to get it playable and get some history: Ventura Bruno, model V, Serialnatural finish acoustic 6-string. I have a Ventura Bruno model v serial c 12 string. Does anyone know anything about It? I couldn't find anything about it online. Hey there would you mind stating Ventura guitars for sale post platform you're working with? The reason I ask is because your de and style seems different then most posts and I'm looking for something unique.

S My apologies for being off-topic but I had to ask! My first Ventura, given to me when I turned 13, is a V-6,that I still have to this day. Up until about a year ago, I had never seen another Ventura guitar, ever. Then all of a sudden, I meet a guitarist who has an acoustic electric that looked like something Elvis would have played.

Shortly after that, I bought rescued, really V, C and commenced to do a horrid restringing job, yet it still sounds like gold! The biggest surprise is that I found yet another Ventura, this being a, that was the worst of the bunch. It had 5 steel strings left on it, had two kids stickers on the fret board, something was spilled on the fret board near the body, the tuner holders were very dirty, and someone had screwed in a strap holder at the bottom not even centered correctly.

I can't see any reason to sell or give away any of them at this point! I wish I knew when they were released, if someone had that golden knowledge. Odd thing is, each label inside are different. The V says Ventura, with Bruno beneath that.

The has no V deation in front of it has Bruno in smaller font with Ventura in larger font below that, with a western wanted poster type font. Turns out that the tuner holders had been gold plated at one point. I found this out the hard way when I used a soft sock to clean off the gunk and half the gold came with it. It's now a mixture of silver and gold. Well, if anyone knows the history of any of these, I'd be indebted to your knowledge.

Thanks, all!!!

Ventura guitars for sale

I am jealous. I can't help with information, but have a question. Isn't that the way? Is it safe to use fine steel wool on any fretboard? I'll be buying a used and probably neglected classical guitar, when I find one I like. Do you use solution or oil with the steel wool, during or after?

I maintain my ebony fretboard with a light touch of special oil, but next wood will probably be rosewood. I've googled steel wool, but you're here and just did it so thought I'd ask. And happy guitar to you. That gold coating wasn't thick enough. Shame on them. I too own a Ventura V This model was available in I believe. It belonged to my father. While the guitar is in rough shape now, it still plays and sounds wonderful. Everyone who hears it tells me the same thing: "That guitar has such a great sound".

Ventura guitars for sale

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