What are good topics to talk about with your girlfriend

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Whether you are in a long-term relationship or you are just starting a new one, you are always in search of of interesting conversation topics and things to talk about with your girlfriend. Healthy communication is the basis of every healthy relationship and that is why you need to put the the effort into tackling some deeper and more personal topics which will help you and your loved one get to know each other more.

And that is why we are here to give you 12 interesting things to talk about with your girlfriend to bring you two closer. When you meet a new girl, it is likely for the two of you to have some things in common, which initially attracted you to each other. And these are exactly the things you should use as an icebreaker to start off some conversations with your girlfriend.

These are the things you should put your focus on because this girl will like you more if she she sees that you two are similar. These similarities will help you form a special bond with this girl and it will make the two of you feel connected and this is exactly what you are trying to do, right?

So, you and your girl have the same favorite movies and TV shows? You are both self-proclaimed nerds? You listen to similar music or go out to the same places? Great, because these are all the things you can talk to her about and you both can share your personal experiences regarding these interests. Another way of getting to know your girlfriend better is to do your best to find out more about her hobbies.

Is there a TV show she likes to watch? Does she play video games or read books? Does she enjoy playing or watching specific sports? Does she like to spend her free time watching her favorite show or a a movie or does she prefer outdoor activities? If you are just at the beginning of your relationship, these are all the things you will need to put an effort into finding out over time.

If you are looking for inspiration to take her out on a memorable date, you can use some of her hobbies as ideas. If she likes climbing mountains, you can surprise her by taking her on a hike or if she loves singing, you can take her out on a karaoke night.

What are good topics to talk about with your girlfriend

When you finish with a busy and exhausting day, there is nothing you wish for more than someone you care about to ask you all about it. And your girlfriend is no different.

What are good topics to talk about with your girlfriend

So the best thing you can do for her when she comes home from work is to ask her about her day. What were the things that frustrated her and what were the small things which put a smile on her face? What time does she normally get up? When does she come home from work? Does she have a habit of going out on work nights?

Whether you are in a long-term relationship or you are just starting a new relationship, the truth is that you are always in search of new, fun and unusual couple activities and that you are trying to organize out of the ordinary date nights. Does she prefer to stay in or go out? Does she enjoy long, romantic walks or does she like to go out clubbing?

Does she prefer a homemade meal or a fancy dinner date? Does she prefer for her and her romantic partner to spend more time one-on-one or would she like for the two of you to hang out with friends and other couples? What is the movie genre she prefers to watch? How would she like to spend her next vacation? Does she prefer the mountains or the seaside? These can all be the questions you ask her now and, when the timing is right, you can surprise her with the activity she mentioned she would love to do. Remember the first thing that went through your mind the moment you saw your girlfriend, even before she became your girlfriend?

Remember the first thing about her that you found attractive?

What are good topics to talk about with your girlfriend

The first thing that drew you to her? Remember what made you put the effort into trying to get to know her better? What was the thing that made you fall in love with her and when did you realize that you loved her? I am sure you both remember the first impression you had when you met each other and she will be more than delighted to share her memories of those events with you. But besides this, it is also important to talk about the things you two like and dislike about each other right now.

What are her favorite qualities of yours? What does she consider to be your flaws? What would you like to change about her, if you had the chance? There is no place for any hard feelings while the two of you tackle these issues because this is for your own good—it will help you make your relationship way better and both of you will get a chance for some self-improvement. But there is nothing wrong with hearing a piece of advice regarding our behavior from our loved one.

Your family and friends are important parts of your life. These are the people who helped you become the person you are today and the people whom you share incredible memories with. Who is her best friend now? Who was her childhood best friend? How important really is friendship to her? You should talk to her about her male friends as well. Does she have a male best friend? How close are the two of them?

What about her family? What does family represent to her? Is she closer to her mum or her dad? Does she have any siblings or is she an only child? If you ask all or some of these questions, your girl will see that you are honestly interested in her life and that you are really trying to find out more about her. She will be lucky to get a chance to talk about her loved ones with you. Besides, this can give you an insight into these people.

Do they impact her much? Do their opinions matter to her? What are they like? And there is nothing that could make your girlfriend happier than seeing all the people she loves and deeply cares about mutually getting along. Instead, it would be better to talk about the things and people that impacted her the most to become the woman she is now.

But not only that—once the two of you become comfortable with each other, you can also talk about some less beautiful memories. What are the things she would like to change about her past? What is the What are good topics to talk about with your girlfriend moment in time she would like to go back to? What is her most painful memory?

If you want to move on from serious topics and reduce the tension, you can start talking about your funny memories as well. But before you start talking about your relationship, maybe it is best to talk about these things in general. Firstly, does this girl believe in love? Does she believe that two people can love each other, no matter what and without any conditions? What does love mean to her? Does she follow her heart blindly in love matters or does she let her reason make the final choice? What is the craziest thing she has ever done for love? What is the biggest thing she is ready to do for the sake of having a healthy relationship?

What are her most important deal-breakers? What is the type of man she could never picture herself being with? Who is her perfect man? What characteristics and qualities should he have? According to her, what are the most important things in a relationship? Is it that two people deeply care for each other? Is it respect? What is the one thing she would never forgive her partner for, despite all the love she might feel for him? How does she truly feel about cheating? Would she ever put her ego in front of her relationship? Pay close attention to whatever she is telling you because her answers and opinions will have a great impact on your relationship.

Tackling the topic of marriage and children is quite inappropriate when you and your girlfriend just start dating. I assume you have your goals and attitudes toward this important topic so naturally, you want to know where you stand. Because the only thing you will accomplish by telling her these things is chasing this girl away. Instead, wait until your relationship becomes a little more serious before tackling these issues.

Does she believe in marriage? Does she think that she could love only one man for the rest of her life? What is the one thing she would never tolerate in a marriage? What is her idea of a perfect marriage? Would she like to move in together with her partner before getting married? What kind of wedding would she like to have?

What are good topics to talk about with your girlfriend

Does she hope to start a family and have children one day? How many kids does she want to have? On the contrary, your different opinions about these things can cause you much trouble and many headaches. I am sure you want to know all about her past relationships; who is the man she loved the most?

Who hurt her the most? How long did her longest relationship last? Why did her last relationship end? Besides, the last thing you want is to remind her of her exes and to make them a part of your relationship. Also, when she talks to you about her exes, put the effort in to listen to her instead of being overly jealous.

Remember that these men are a part of her past and that she has chosen to be with you now, so there is no reason for you to be intimidated by them. This is something you need to be careful about when it comes to your exes and past relationships as well. When you talk about your past break-ups, make sure to be realistic. Never put all the blame on your ex and never try to blame her for all the wrong things in your relationship because that will look like you have a habit of running away from responsibility and that might scare your girlfriend off.

Also, make sure to never talk trash about your exes. After all, these girls were a huge part of your life and by insulting them and diminishing your relationships, you are only insulting yourself. Explain that there is nothing going on between the two of you anymore and that she is just your friend now. It is crucial for you and your girlfriend to have the same views and hopes regarding your relationship because it is problematic if one of you sees this as a serious relationship with a future while the other one sees it as nothing more than a meaningless fling or a rebound relationship.

And this is something you should define after a few dates. There is nothing desperate about wanting to know where you stand. What does your girlfriend exactly expect from this relationship? What does she expect from you as her boyfriend? What are the things she would like to change in your relationship? How can both of you work on improving your relationship?

What are good topics to talk about with your girlfriend

What are her happiest and saddest memories regarding your relationship?

What are good topics to talk about with your girlfriend

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