Women who seek married men

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More unmarried babes are becoming attracted to married men, and intentionally seeking them out for relationships. Here's why. However, while it used to feel as though these married men tricked the unmarried women into the relationships, things seem to now be changing.

More unmarried women are apparently becoming attracted to married men, and intentionally seeking them out for seduction. The obvious first reason why this relationship seems to be thriving logically has to be for the financial benefits attached to such romantic affairs. Being single and unable to get any girls despite several attempts, he had gotten a ring and put it on his wedding finger. Like magic, girls became drawn to him and offered sex as cheaply as imaginable. Regardless, the idea, apparently, for many women who intentionally date married men, is that young men of their own age are yet to find their feet and would find it difficult to meet the outlandish demands they make in order to fund their unsustainable, opulent lifestyles.

But guess who has more than enough to sponsor trips abroad, super-expensive weaves and all other aspects of the glamorous life these women seek? So the need to sustain an expensive lifestyle regardless of a low economic standing is one reason why. Another reason for this could be the need for independence; to be free to enjoy sexual satisfaction and all other pleasures of a Women who seek married men without actually being in a relationship.

She wants to keep partying and living as she deems fit and not shifting and bending to accommodate some guy in her life. The relative detachment which many married men often feel towards side-chicks is very perfect and enables this independence that Dairo speaks of. For some other babes, this is the attraction point.

Women who seek married men

Having been with a married woman for a while and being a man in his mid-thirties and older would have enabled him to not just be more financially loaded, but also very experienced at treating women with more care and their bodies to more pleasure. The reasons for dating married people, no matter how logical they sound to those proffering them, are still not, and never will be enough, to justify the practice of dating someone else's husband. And of course, it won't hold water as an excuse for married men who cheat on their wives, too.

Women who seek married men

Some might say karma will show up at your doorstep later in life, but whether or not it does is a thing. In the meantime though, deal with the battle in your conscience. We would love to hear what you think about the content on Pulse. Welcome to the Pulse Community! We will now be sending you a daily newsletter on news, entertainment and more. Also us across all of our other channels - we love to be connected! Authors: Ayoola Adetayo. October 24, AM. Women are willingly trying to date married men. Recommended articles. Are the days gone when it was married men who used to trick single women into relationships?

Why single women date married men. Sure, you guessed right!

Women who seek married men

Sometimes, allwpmen want with married men is the chance to live a better, richer life [Credit: Videoblocks] A man and his girlfriend take a selfie [Credit: Videoblocks] Pulse Nigeria. Sometimes, it is said, women want both the freedom to live as they please, while still enjoying relationship benefits.

A married man comes in handy in such instances. Dating married men is wrong. Our newsletter gives you access to a curated selection of the most important stories daily. Submit your stories now via social or: : eyewitness pulse. Adele's reunion with her English teacher inspires 5 people to talk about their favorite teachers. Recipe of the day: How to prepare bole and sauce in your oven at home. How sex can help boost positive mental health. Vaginal Itching: 3 home remedies to get rid of this discomfort.

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Women who seek married men

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